An Introduction to Tree Removal

The term “stump removal” is one that many people have no idea what it actually entails. Stump removal, simply put, is the act of removing a stump from a tree. Stump removal can be dangerous and difficult. They can grow deep into the ground, often surrounded with roots and a thick layer of soil. This makes digging them up extremely risky for even experienced tree removal specialists.

As we have already mentioned, stump removal can prove to be dangerous. Because of the thick soil padding, stump removal can be dangerous. Problems can also arise from a solid root mass. Roots and other hard materials can cause the ground to crack and break apart, and are more dangerous than being handled with one’s naked hands. It is very likely that the entire tree will be felled when these occur.

Many people don’t even consider stump removal on their property. It is an invasive process that should be left to experts. It can also be very expensive to remove stumps. You will not only have to pay the fee, but you will also have to pay the stump and any other material attached by roots to it.

There are several different methods of stump removal, depending on where the stump is located. The most common method for large mature trees is to cut them at the base and allow them to fall where they land. This works quite well in urban locations where houses are located near trees, but in rural areas, this may not always be an option. Tree cutting companies can also come to your location and remove the stump without you ever touching the tree.

Another common method of stump removal is tree pruning. This is a method that is used for smaller trees that are in good health. Cutting off too much growth is often bad for trees, but pruning small branches so that they are more closely in proximity to the main stem can help trees that are unhealthy or have just been cut down. This is especially useful if there are many limbs sticking out of the tree, making it difficult to remove a stump completely.

Sometimes trees can be diseased or damaged so much that pruning is not an option. In these cases, the only real solution is to remove the stump. A stump can be removed by simply picking the closest branch and pulling it off. Or, a more complicated process that involves a ladder and a chipper. It really depends on the tree and the severity of the damage, as to how severe the stump needs to be taken.

When doing tree removal, safety is always the first priority. Safety gear, such as gloves and boots, is essential when you cut through trees. There is no way to know if a branch is dangerous until it has fallen and impacted on you. Only trained professionals should be able to fell trees. If you attempt to fell a tree on your own, it is almost guaranteed to cause serious injury.

Clean up the stump after it has been removed. Leaving a large stump in a heavily wooded area can easily lead to insect infestation and rot. This can prove extremely detrimental to a newly planted tree, as it can take years for it to grow back if it is cut down. An introduction to tree removal is essential before any type of tree planting, whether you plan to plant the stump yourself or hire a professional company to do it.